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63 | 2020
Dynamiques de l’effondrement dans le fantastique, la fantasy et la SF

Dynamics of Collapse in Fantasy, the Fantastic and SF
Edited by Cyril Camus and Florent Hébert
Couverture Caliban 63
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Credits: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France
16 x 24 cm, 366 p.
ISBN 978-2-8107-0710-2

While many now call out not to prevent a distant apocalypse, but to slow down an ongoing collapse (of climate, energy resources, etc.), this collection applies the technical and anthropological thinking of theoreticians of systemic collapse to fantastic fiction.Relying on this political rather than eschatological perspective, it explores recent productions influenced by the context of collapse, and reconsiders old works in the light of this new frame of reference.The articles examine literary works, television series, or even board games.Quebec, Filipino and Irish texts supplement the American and British corpus.The scientific apocalypse of Cold War fiction is set against the classics of high fantasy, and socio-political disintegration against the impacts of pandemics and climate change.

Editor's notes

Avec la participation financière de l'équipe de recherche CAS, EA 801.

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