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64 | 2020
L'amour des animaux. Exploration des liens animaux dans la littérature et la culture anglophone

Animal Love. Considering Animal Attachments in Anglophone Literature and Culture
Edited by Scott Slovic, Marcel Delpoux and Françoise Besson
Couverture Caliban 64
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Credits: © Scott Slovic
16 x 24 cm, 416 p.
ISBN 978-2-8107-0747-8

The aim of this volume is to consider animal love in its multiplicity, from a philosophical, environmental, scientific, aesthetic and literary angle at the same time, by inscribing the theme in the wider relationship of humans with the world. Animal love is not some phrase for idealists of sweet dreamers. It is the core of a society of change that shoud give a prominent place to attachements, bonds and connections, to an empathy that is he key to all forms of societal changes. Animal love raises many fundamental questions and opens many paths. Does love make communication between species easier? As that empathy generates a better communication between different species, we can wonder if a better way of listening to the animal world would not help us humans to communicate between one another in a deeper and more effective way. 

Editor's notes

Avec la participation financière de l'équipe de recherche CAS, EA 801.

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