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The Cahiers Droit, Sciences & Technologies aim to stimulate and disseminate research work concerning the normative approaches of scientific and technical developments, and more generally the "STS" field ('Science and Technology Studies' or 'Science, Technology and Society', i.e. the study of reciprocal interactions between social, political, legal or cultural factors on the one hand, and scientific and technological research and practices on the other). A legal journal open to interdisciplinarity, the Cahiers Droit, Sciences & Technologies have three main sections. The first reports, in the form of "chronicles", on textual and jurisprudential developments in the major fields of science and technology (biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, bioethics, information society, valorisation of scientific research, liability, scientific and technological evidence). The second deals, in the form of original articles and thematic dossiers, with critical legal reflections on scientific and technical developments - typology, hierarchy and articulation of norms, scope of norms in a globalized context, analysis of scientific and technical practices, etc.) A third section offers interviews and reading notes on these same themes. The contributors are both specialists in issues labelled "Law, science and technology", French and foreign, as well as young researchers.

The Cahiers Droit, Sciences & Technologies are published twice a year, at the end of April and the end of October. They are available both in paper version (published by the University Press of Aix-Marseille (PUAM)) and in digital version (free access on OpenEdition: The issues can be ordered individually from the PUAM or in any bookshop.

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