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Submitted papers must be original, and written in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.

All articles for publication in the journal Cadernos de Estudos Africanos should be sent to the e-mails:

Articles should be accompanied by a Declaration indicating CEA’s exclusive right to publication and ownership of the copyright. All authors (including co-authors) need to sign this document: PDF

All submitted articles and reviews should be accompanied by a separate page containing the following information:

a) identification of the author;

b) institutional affiliation;

c) current function;

d) institutional address;

e) e-mail;

The body of the texts, as well as notes and bibliography, should be doublespaced, Times New Roman, size 12, and margins of no less than 3 cm. If Word for Windows is used, its version should be indicated.

Tables, graphs and figures should also be sent in the format in which they were made and also in a separate file.

The maximum length of articles should be 60,000 characters (about 30 pages) including spaces, as well as, notes, bibliography, tables, graphs and figures.

Each article must include: title, abstract (up to 120 words) and six keywords.

The title, abstract and keywords must be in Portuguese and in the original language of the text. Articles in Portuguese must include an abstract in Portuguese and one in English.

The different sections of the text (except for the first one) must be introduced by subtitles, the main ones being in black. Subsections should be italicized. Footnotes should be used, preferably not exceeding five lines. References between different parts of the text should be avoided and always include the page number being referred.

Book reviews should not exceed 8000 characters (with spaces) and should contain the following:

  • a short summary of the book's contents;

  • the main research issues covered in the book and their connection to international scientific discussions;

  • an appraisal of the book’s theoretical framework, methods, formal weaknesses or strengths, and its contribution to the ongoing scientific debate.

The reviewed work should be identified by author, title, location, publisher, date of issue and number of pages.

The texts should be formatted according to the APA standards, which are summarized here: Publishing standards (PDF).

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