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33 | 2004
Turquie, Grèce : un passé commun, des nouvelles perspectives

Without being naive on questions so important as the litigation about Aegean Sea, the Cyprus problem, the minorities question, the confrontation of nationalism, the instrumentalization of History, the use of such disputes as internal politic weapons, we intentionaly wanted with that special issue “Turkey and Greece: a common past, new prospects” to put emphasis on complementarity and cultural community between Greeks and Turks, much more than Greece and Turkey, who have been in contact for nearly a thousand years. At Langues O', turkish language and culture are among the founders teaching of the institution, and modern greek are very soon a good place as, as soon as 1800, Ansse de Villoison inaugurated his lessons. Between turkish, greek and the INALCO, its already a long story, naturally and more than ever, with a promising future.

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