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Ethical charter

The journal CECIL publishes original scientific articles from symposia, conferences and other scientific meetings whose contents fit with its editorial line. It also ensures the publication of articles resulting from calls for papers as well as spontaneous submissions. In all cases, articles are submitted to a double-blind evaluation and assessed by the editorial board before being published. Reviews are submitted to the editorial board for approval.

Conflicts of interest

The journal CECIL ensures the independence of the members of the journal’s committees from the authors of the articles in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

Members of the editorial team and the editorial board must declare any possible conflict of interest before joining the editorial team or the editorial board. In the event of a conflict of interest with one of the authors or with the content of a proposal, the relevant editorial board members will withdraw from the evaluation process.

In the event of a submission by members of the editorial board or by the staff of the journal, the latter will be kept away from the editorial chain until the editorial board has made its decision. The journal CECIL treats submissions from editors and members of its editorial board in the following way: when they are authors or have contributed to a submitted manuscript, the editors, members of the editorial board or the editorial secretariate are not allowed to take part in the selection process of the publication.

Authors must declare sources of funding (if applicable). Authors should indicate their institutional affiliation at the beginning of the article, especially if the article concerns the valorisation of a fund held by the organization they are affiliated to.

All reviewers must inform the editor of any conflict of interest, particularly if it appears that they have recognised the author of the article submitted to them in a double-blind review.

Code of ethics and good practice

Any author who sends an article to the journal CECIL undertakes not to submit it in parallel to another journal. Authors guarantee the conformity of their publications to research ethics and to the code of intellectual property. Authors may not submit an article that has been previously published.

The editorial board ensures that intellectual property is respected and that good scientific practices and editorial standards are complied with. It guarantees the independence and impartiality of the reviewers, who must comply with the standards of research ethics as well as those of the intellectual property code.

The committee reserves the right to issue any request for revision that it deems necessary, and to make recommendations to the authors of an article prior to its publication. When revisions are requested, authors have a certain period of time, the duration of which will be established according to the nature of the changes requested.

The editorial board reserves the right to withdraw a published article if it is found to be in breach of the code of intellectual property and research ethics, particularly in the case of plagiarism.

If authors discover a significant error or inaccuracy after the publication of their article, they will notify the journal and propose a correction to the article concerned. If they are contacted by the editorial board after the identification of a factual error after publication of the article, they will forward the erratum to be published to the journal, within a short period of time.

Allegations of misconduct

Any form of misconduct in the publication of research articles must be notified by e-mail to the CECIL editorial secretariat.

Object of complaints (non-limitative list): plagiarism, copyright infringement, erroneous research results, conflicts of interest, violations of research design standards, bias in the evaluation process, unsatisfactory comments in peer review, unusually lengthy handling of manuscripts, etc.

A sample letter to the director of the journal concerning an alleged case of misconduct can be consulted in the appendix at the bottom of this page.

Upon receipt of the notification, an acknowledgement of receipt will be returned to the sender. Within two months of receipt of the referred letter, the editorial committee will meet to identify the source of the problem and, if necessary, withdraw the article in question or order a new expert assessment. A reply is then notified to the complainant.

Any request must be sent either by e-mail to cecil[at] or by post to the following address:

Revue CECIL – Université Paul-Valéry
Route de Mende s.n.
34199 Montpellier Cedex 5

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