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About the journal

Editorial policies

The Contextes et Didactiques journal focuses on scientific works that reflect the role played by the diversity, the coexistence and the confrontation of contexts of different natures (historical, geographical, ecological, sociolinguistic and cultural ...) during the interactions in learning, education and training situations. This work can be of empirical research, reports of innovative practices, analyses of teaching resources, literature reviews and theoretical reflections.

The journal draws a particular attention to works related on questions of didactic contextualization in post-colonial situations, in the French overseas territories. However, it is generally orientated towards any specific situation highlighting the existing gaps between institutional requirements, contexts and the actors’ conceptions, or "context effects" and contribute to their identification and their consideration in teaching, learning and training processes. Thus, the journal is open to any contribution dealing with didactic issues engaged with different contextual elements.

Proposals for contributions should be sent to the secretariat of the journal (contextes.didactiques[at], as well as to the editor (s) -in-chief for each thematic issue within the deadlines (see: Call for contributions). Calls for contributions are launched twice a year, in June and in December. The Contextes et Didactiques journal also publishes non-thematic texts in a “Varia” section. The journal has an editorial board and a scientific committee, composed of experts to ensure the quality of the articles published. The submitted contributions are subjected to a double-blind review by the scientific committee. The latter is responsible for reading the submitted manuscripts, for assessing them and for proposing any necessary changes for publication. The journal is not responsible for the submitted manuscripts. Sending documents to the journal implies the author’s agreement for their publication. Authors hold full responsibility for the texts and images published in the journal.

History of the journal

The former journal entitled "Recherches et Ressources en Éducation et Formation" created in 2007 by lecturers-researchers in Didactics of the IUFM (Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres or Teacher Training Institute) of Guadeloupe. It used to be a printed version, published annually by the CRDP (Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique or Pedagogical Documentation Center) of Guadeloupe. In 2014, the title and editorial format changed and it is now a biannual online Education Sciences entitled: Contextes et Didactiques. Previous issues and articles are free of charge and can be found online on the official website of the journal (

The first three issues are also on sale and available in a paper version at the Canopé of the Académie of Guadeloupe (Route Documentation, Lotissement Petit Mahogany, BP 385, 97183 Abymes Cedex) and on its online store:

Types of contributions

The Contextes et Didactiques journal publishes:

  • empirical research and original results;

  • literature reviews and theoretical approaches;

  • educational innovations;

  • reports of scientific books;

  • presentations of theses, conferences and scientific events.

Concerned public

The Contextes et Didactiques journal welcomes publications from a wide audience: researchers, trainers, teachers, students, education professionals.

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