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November 3, 2016 and February 2, 2017, Paris

On Nicolas Schöffer: Conserving/restoring works of a technological nature

Date and place

November 3, 2016 : Villa des Arts (Atelier de Nicolas Schöffer), Rue Hégésippe Moreau, 15, 75018 Paris

February 2, 2017: C2RMF, Site du Carrousel, amphithéâtre Palissy, Palais du Louvre – Porte des Lions, Quai François Mitterrand, 14, 75001 Paris.

Organized by: University of Liège (UR AAT) and ESA Saint-Luc de Liège;

In collaboration with Association Internationale des Amis de Nicolas Schöffer (A.N.S.I. XXI) présidée par Mme Eléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer

With the support of C2RMF, CeROArt and INCCA-f


Nicolas Schöffer, French (1912, Kalocsa – Hungary – 1992, Paris) illustrates the so-called “lumino kinetic”, programmed and “cybernetic” art. As such, he acts as a pioneer as far as the role of new technologies in works is concerned.  The workshop located in Paris in the 18th arrondissement houses an important part of the artist’s collection (works and archives) – managed by Eléonore Schöffer, his widow. A few works required interventions, repairs or restorations.

The city of Liège owns a monumental work by Nicolas Schöffer in the public space: the Spatiodynamic and cybernetic tower, listed as Wallonia’s exceptional heritage. This unique work (it collects different varying information in the town and projects sounds and light orchestrated by a specific program) had not worked since the 70s. It was recently restored.

Nicolas Schöffer’s work is an opportunity to wonder about the technological components of contemporary works, and to extend the questions to the most specialized issues, those that immediate art and the integration, among other things, of digital technology raise.


Discuss experiences of artists, technicians, curators and conservators-restorers while questioning the concepts of authenticity(ies), substitution, and technological obsolescence with the help of practical cases (day 1).

Subsequently, we will talk more broadly about collecting, conserving and restoring works of a technological nature, notably by envisaging the documentation and the becoming of works (day 2).

November 3, 2016, Villa des Arts, Paris

On Nicolas Schöffer's works: case studies

13.30 : Welcome

13.45 : Introduction

14.00 : Santiago Torres  -The artist’s and the artist’s assistant’s point of view: issues and experiences - Presentation of practical cases

14.30 : Manon D'haenens -Authenticity, intentionality and extrapolations

15.00 : Cécile Dazord  -Conservation, restoration and obsolescence

15h30 : Eléonore Schöffer -History and variations of the restoration of Nicolas Schöffer’s works. Presentation of practical cases

16h : Discussion with a specialized panel and audience


Cécile Dazord, Eléonore Schöffer, Santiago Torres + guests

17.30 : End

February 2, 2017, (C2RMF, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris)  (provisional program)

The conservation / restoration / documentation of works of a technological nature

9h30 : Welcome

9h45 : Introduction + summary  of the first day

10h30: technological art in the museum – documentation, databases

(speakers to confirm)

13h repas

14h: conservation-restoration of technological art – conservation-restoration of digital art – production/reproduction

(speakers to confirm)

17.00 : Discussion

18.00 : End


The number of places is limited, so registration will be made in order of receipt. Registration by mail to: (First name, last name, affiliation) specifying the day (3, 2 ou 3+2). The registration is only valid after reception of the registration fee.

Bank account: CeROArt asbl

IBAN: BE34651157400690 BIC: KEYTBEBB + Communication: First Name, Last name, day (2,3 or 2+3)

November 3 2016 (Villa des Arts) : 15 €

Number of places is limited

Registration before: 31th October 2016

Place : Villa des Arts, Rue Hégésippe Moreau, 15, 75018 Paris

February 2 2017 (C2RMF, site du Carrousel): 25 € (lunch provided)

Registration before: 15th  January 2017.

C2RMF, Site du Carrousel, amphithéâtre Palissy,

Palais du Louvre – Porte des Lions, Quai François Mitterrand, 14, 75001 Paris

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