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CeROArt is an interactive journal and platform dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of the Conservation, Exhibition and Restoration of Works of Art. It is a space for reflection and interaction between historians and art historians, philosophers and museologists, scientists interested in heritage, curators, conservators,  as well as representatives of the museum world or students in one of these disciplines.

CeROArt, which is only published after having been proofread by two committees, wants to receive original articles of the highest quality on the mentioned subjects, which should also lead to a multiplication of perspectives, to cross-cultural interchanges, exchanges, improved dialogue and interdisciplinarity. Using the flexibility of online support, CeROArt wants to become an information platform with direct response to the latest topics in the fields of practical experience, profession and training.

CeROArt is a bi-annual publication which offers not only a full account of a specific subject (see heading «call for articles»), but also an article “électron libre” (free electron), written by an invited author, an article “coup de projecteur” (in the spotlight) about the most recent conservation and restoration campaigns, as well as reports on artworks, a column “Actualités de la recherché” (Latest topics in research) and an event calendar. There is also a links page and you have the possibility to suggest an article “off topic” to the editors.

Access to the journal is free. Please register for the CeROArt Newsletter, which will notify the next issue. To register, click the link.

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