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39.2 | 2017
Anglo-Arab Literatures

Sous la direction de Claire Gallien

This issue gathers contributions on Anglo-Arab literatures understood as a corpus of texts in prose and verse written in English by Arab writers from the diaspora or from the Middle East, and in translation. The ethnic, linguistic, and areal categories summoned to describe the corpus are fundamentally called into question by the writers and poets discussed here. Their texts evade monolithic and homogenous conceptions of belonging – to a language, a race, or a nation – and produce effects of displacement, dissonance, and disruption to standard cognitive and imaginary categories. The plural form reflects the diverse geographies from which these literatures emerge but also the multiple strategies in which they are invested – from resisting to colluding with the logics of global capital and Orientalism, from becoming minor to publishing under the label of minority writing.

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