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32.2 | 2010

Edited by Marta Dvorak
Couverture du n° 32-2 | 2010, Mutations
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Credits: Photograph: © Agnès Vérè

Commonwealth Essays and Studies 32.2 (“Mutations”) contributes to recent interrogations concerning postcolonial theory in mutation, unravelling and rearticulating itself within the contexts of an increasingly globalized world system. The contributors address the need to unsettle traditional postcolonial frameworks and engage with the frictional border-zones consubstantial with models of circulation. The articles engage with texts which do not fit into the standard “writing back” model of postcolonial intertextuality nor partake in a conventionalized anxiety of influence. The authors consider the complex dialogism ranging from (af)filiation to self-reflexive hypertextuality. They set up a fruitful dialogue on the mystique of traditional culture and cultural continuity, foregrounding the intra-cultural fissures which challenge the social cohesion of older notions of mapping.

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