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Les vétérans du Premier Empire : un groupe socioprofessionnel oublié

Natalie Petiteau


Heroes of the napoleonic wars, the soldiers of the Grande Armée has been forgotten by the social history. Yet their group is really important to observ the consequences of the Empire about the french society and also to approach the anonymous history. Dispersed through the french territory after 1815, their destinies can be discoverd by a prosopography which demonstrate that the legend written by Balzac isn't always the truth. The administration leaves them in utter neglect. When Louis-Napoleon gives them help, it's in order to turn the Fisrt Empire glory to his profit.

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Chronologique :

Ancien Régime, XIXe siècle
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Natalie Petiteau, « Les vétérans du Premier Empire : un groupe socioprofessionnel oublié », Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 43-1 | 1998, Online since , connection on 05 December 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Natalie Petiteau

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