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L'installation de la première municipalité lyonnaise sous la Révolution

Pierre Belda


The election of the first revolutionary municipality in Lyon was organized by the remaining aldermen which were the last representative of the Consulate. This municipality born on the 12th april 1790 put an end to the Old Regime and a new order occured. The creation of an active citizenship restricted the electorale, nevertheless few people were passive citozens because of the cost of the day's work. Following the example of the other towns of the kingdom a majority of inhabitants of Lyon didn't go to vote in spite of their possibility to do it. The lack of political maturity and the complexity of the procedure could explain that, whith no doubt. The new municipality is composed of a large part of constitutional high-class bourgeois, which received the administrative and judicial legacy of the Consulate. They had to enforce the decree of the 14th december 1789 relative to the municipality, and organized a new share out of the work in accordance with this decree. So, the diversity characteristic of the Old Regime becomes a revolutionnary unity.

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Pierre Belda, « L'installation de la première municipalité lyonnaise sous la Révolution », Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 45-3 | 2000, Online since , connection on 01 August 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Pierre Belda

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