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La " belle vache " dans la France des concours agricoles du XIXe siècle

Jean-Luc Mayaud


In the 19th century, the field of cattle breeding underwent changes and not only from a quantitative point of view. The empirical creation of races for slaughter after crossbreeding or selections answered the need of an expending market. Yet, if we consider the farm's structures, the application of this firm breeding policy seemed to be quite difficult. In order to make a good study of the debates about stock breeding and the direction it was taking, we should observe local, regional and national agricultural shows. The evolution of their rules, the discussions and conflicts they aroused enable us to estimate the new criteria used for the appreciation and dedinition of a "fine cow" in France at that periode.

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Mots-clés :

Animal, Concours agricoles

Chronologique :

XIXe siècle
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Electronic reference

Jean-Luc Mayaud, « La " belle vache " dans la France des concours agricoles du XIXe siècle », Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 42-3/4 | 1997, Online since , connection on 13 June 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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