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Postface. De l'histoire de l'animal à l'histoire de l'environnement

Robert Delort


In modern times, the presence of animals for slaughters, pets and sometimes wild animals put together in zoos in the cities is a proof of Man's domination over nature but also gives us information about environment: the human environment for domestic animals and the environment of wild and free animals for witch Man is a bioecological factor among others. Men can even be completely excluded from their enviroment which has varied for centuries. Animals have had their own history before men appeared on earth, and that goes on nowadays because men still have not met them. This is the case for animals living in the ocean depths, in virgin forests, in deserts or for species of insects existing in hundreds of thousands. A lot of well-know animals like bees, mosquitoes and cods are part of a global environment where Man is missing and which he knows only because of his eager for knowledge. Maybe there is a zoohistory which men are not aware of and which is perceived only by animals as an inheritance from their ancestors (for animals like elephants, orcs, rats and wolves).

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Robert Delort, « Postface. De l'histoire de l'animal à l'histoire de l'environnement », Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 42-3/4 | 1997, Online since , connection on 21 June 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Robert Delort

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