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Élites et pouvoirs : enjeux politiques

Notables en conflit dans le monde grec sous le Haut-Empire

Annie Sartre-Fauriat and Maurice Sartre


In spite of the Pax Romana, many cities of the Roman East are victims of some internal strife. Sometimes, it is possible to understand that these civic troubles do not bring into conflict the well-to-do and the poor classes, but the richmen among themselves. The ancient sources are often defective, but it seem that the civil wars are the outcome of struggle for power. The necessity for all of them to maintain or to reconstitute their fortune, in order to keep a high social rank like that of their ancestors and consistent with theirs ambitions, is certainly one of their field of confrontation.

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Electronic reference

Annie Sartre-Fauriat and Maurice Sartre, « Notables en conflit dans le monde grec sous le Haut-Empire », Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 45-4 | 2000, Online since , connection on 16 December 2018. URL :

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