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Les médecins lyonnais face à 1848

Olivier Faure


This contribution will discuss the traditional assertion which considers that the most part of 19th century French doctors were politically left orientated and played, during the Third Republic, a major role than ever before. The contribution argues that large majority of Lyon physicians were orleanists or legitimists in 1848. Some of theme had played a great role in the administration of the city during the July monarchy and began the hygienistic transformation of the town. Both socialist and republican doctors were not numerous and were not successful during the Second Republic. Doctors who fighted against the Second Empire were more politicians than physicians. As they reached the leading positions at the head of the city they were more evolved in politics and educational problems than in hygienistic reforms.

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Electronic reference

Olivier Faure, “Les médecins lyonnais face à 1848”Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 47-1 | 2002, Online since 13 May 2009, connection on 01 December 2023. URL:; DOI:

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