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Les campagnes rouges du Bourbonnais dans l'Entre-deux-guerres

Julian Mishi


In terms of votes, Allier, which is the gateway to Auvergne, is today the first communist department in France. This influence of communism in Bourbonnais goes back to the inter-war period and does not result from the Résistance. The SFIO active members who lived in the countryside founded the Communist Party in the department and the young revolutionary organisation found its main supports in the central areas of Bourbonnais farmland. Subjected to bolchevization, country people were progressively marginalized within a party which focused all its attention on the industrial workers. In the 1930's, with the development of a communist agricultural trade-unionism, the communist organisation really paid attention to the farmer's problem. The success of communism in the Bourbonnais is related to a progressive tradition that the communist party managed to capture for its own interest. With an antimilitarist propaganda and the slogans "the land belongs to those who work on it", the communist active members had a large success in the countryside structured on the opposition between great property and the small ones.

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XXe siècle
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Julian Mishi, « Les campagnes rouges du Bourbonnais dans l'Entre-deux-guerres », Cahiers d'histoire [Online], 46-1 | 2001, Online since , connection on 25 January 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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