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Editorial rules for submitting manuscripts

1 – Manuscripts submitted to CHAMP PENAL/PENAL FIELD must be sent to the editor-in-chief of the journal by electronic mail, as an attached file, and must conform to the rules enumerated below.

2 – The total length of the article should not exceed 50,000 characters, spaces included. This figure should include all notes, bibliographic references and tables.

3 – The article will be accompanied by titles and abstracts in English and French. Each abstract will contain no more than 600 characters, spaces included, and 5 key-words at most, in English and French.

4 – The format should be as sober as possible, with single spacing, no style sheet, no tabulation, in Times New Roman characters (12 for the text, 10 for the notes), decimal subdivisions, in bold type, limited to three levels (1., 1.1., 1.1.1.). Some words in the text may be italicized.

5 – Footnote references should be incorporated in the text (using exponent figures). Footnotes should be used only for brief remarks, points of comparison or references to appropriate links, but not for bibliographic references, as a rule.

6 – Any bibliography containing several references will be placed at the end of the article and will list only those references used to write the article (the sources), by alphabetical order of authors’ names. References to the bibliography are inserted in the article itself as follows: (Tarde, 1895–or 1895 a or 1895b–, page number for quotations).

7 – In addition to the bibliography proper (the sources), the author may add a heading entitled “Other bibliographic references”.

8 – For the bibliography, referencing will be done as follows:

Example for a book: Lucas C., 1996, Suerte. L’exclusion volontaire, Plon, Terre Humaine series, Paris.

For a contribution to a collective work: Bénichou M., 2002, La fin du tout judiciaire?, in: Soulez Larivière D., Dalle H. (Eds.), Notre Justice, Robert Laffont, Paris, 216-230.

For an article in a periodical: Tournier P.V., 1998, Démographie carcérale en trois dimensions: le temps, l’espace et l’individu, Déviance et Société, vol. 22, n° 2, 215-229.

9 – The author’s first and last name, the institution to which (s)he is attached as well as the complete (private or professional) postal and electronic addresses must be inserted at the end of the file. This information will of course be deleted by the editor-in-chief before the text is transmitted to the editorial board for evaluation. It will be reinserted for publication.

10 – Authors will be informed of the date at which their article will be available on the internet.

11 – Remarks on previously published texts as well as texts for the Confrontations section must be concise. They should not exceed 5,000 characters, spaces included.

12 – Manuscripts sent to Champ Pénal/Penal Field will not be returned to their authors.

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