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Launched in 2004, Champ pénal/Penal Field is a free, open access electronic periodical. Multidisciplinary, it publishes robust contributions promoting the analysis of the sociological, political, historical and legal discourses, instruments and practices shaping the penal field.  Dedicated to bilingual publishing, it aims to facilitate an international academic dialogue; the journal accepts manuscript proposals and/or dossiers in either French or English.  It also sponsors an active translation policy of the texts/issues published on its site. It is now supported by the INSHS of the CNRS. The articles are to be sent to


Penal Field stands in solidarity with the strike initiated by French academic journals, in support of the inter-professional mobilisation against the pension reform project and the changes to public higher education and research announced by the French government.

We are a bilingual and international journal, as demonstrated by the composition of our executive and scientific committee. The present collective statement therefore aims to support the defense of rights whose status is challenged, in France as well as in other countries. This includes the working conditions and scientific autonomy in higher education and research.

As such, the normal course of the journal's activities is modified to contribute to the movement in various forms. This includes the collection and publication of testimonies of academics, in precarious and permanent positions, from different countries about ongoing trends in academia, that reflect broader structural changes. We will also participe in the development of common reflection and action with our colleagues from the other mobilised journals.

Current open issue
22 | 2021 (Open issue)

Publication history

Numéro ouvert le 29 janvier 2021

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23 | 2021
La fabrique locale de la frontière

The Local Making of the Border
Edited by Daniela Trucco
Campement sur le lit de la Roya (Vintimille, Italie, mars 2018)
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Credits: Emanuela Zampa

This issue aims to deepen knowledge on migration control, and on foreigners' confinement and encampment, focusing on border areas and on non-police participants (citizens, local authorities, “smugglers”, etc.) who contribute to shape the deployment and operation of border devices. At the crossroads of usually distinct fields of research – border studies and studies on local migration policies – it offers an interdisciplinary perspective on various case studies on a European scale: the island of Malta, Calais, Ventimiglia, and the Franco-Italian border of Hautes-Alpes. The texts thus open the black box of migration control and foreigners’ confinement and shed light on the plural, composite and conflictual dimension of the local making of the border.


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