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New Chinese Immigration in Antananarivo

Catherine Fournet-Guérin


Since the 1990s, several thousand migrants from the People’s Republic of China have settled on Madagascar, in particular in the capital Antananarivo. There, they have gained a very high profile, principally through their business activities which are concentrated in one particular downtown area. The article begins by examining how this recently arrived community makes its presence felt, then asks how these “new Chinese” perceive their host country and city, and finally how Malagasy society in turn perceives them, often negatively, in fact. However, the positive contribution of Chinese businesses to improving the purchasing power of the city residents is often appreciated. Lastly, the presence of the “New Chinese” raises the question of their finely balanced relations with the group of “old Chinese” who have been living on Madagascar for several generations.

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Editor's notes

Translated by Peter Brown


Electronic reference

Catherine Fournet-Guérin, « New Chinese Immigration in Antananarivo », China Perspectives [Online], 67 | september-october 2006, Online since 01 June 2007, connection on 21 July 2018. URL :

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