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China Perspectives

The journal

China Perspectives is an academic journal, established in 1995, devoted to all aspects of the study of contemporary China.

An academic journal

  • endowed with an Editorial Board of internationally recognised experts in all areas of the social sciences;

  • all submissions are blindly reviewed by two anonymous external referees;

  • indexed in 7 international databases (including IPSA and BAS);

  • ranked by the French Agency for the Evaluation of Research (AERES) in Political Science, Sociology/demography and Anthropology.

In a readable format

  • as a multidisciplinary journal, China Perspectives aims to make recent and original research accessible beyond disciplinary boundaries;

  • using a variety of approaches, the journal covers the areas of politics, economics, social, and cultural developments in contemporary China;

  • a quarterly publication, the journal remains reactive to current events while maintaining the distance necessary to academic research;

  • published in Hong Kong, the journal is close to the field and endeavours to publish ground-breaking work by Chinese scholars.

A bilingual publication

  • China Perspectives also appears in French under the title Perspectives chinoises;

  • all articles written in one language are translated into the other;

  • the content of both versions is strictly identical.

Structured in four sections

  • a special feature coordinated by an expert on the topic, which is approached through a collection of varied articles. Several special features have proven particularly popular over the years, such as those on China’s entry into WTO, the 10th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong, the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen movement, and the Deadlock in Tibet;

  • research articles devoted to all aspects of contemporary China;

  • current affairs: research notes on recent news articles or academic publications providing background on current events and discussions in China;

  • book reviews of recent publications as well as longer review essays of important works tracking the latest developments in the field of research.

Editorial Staff

Director of Publication

Sebastian Veg

Chief Editor

Séverine Arsène

Deputy Editor

Sébastien Colin


Stacy Mosher

Designer and Desktop Publisher

Jean-Michel Caille, Printing in Asia

Editorial Manager

Hugo Petit

Subscription Manager

Miriam Yang


Journal created in 1992 by Michel Bonnin (Chief Editor from 1992 to 1998) and by Raphaël Jacquet

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