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Climate Change: the China Challenge

The Impact of Climate Change in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta

Alexandra Tracy, Kate Trumbull and Christine Loh


This article represents a first attempt to pull together relevant materials with the aim of providing a broad-brush view of how climate change may affect Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) region (Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta). Among the various consequences of climate change, rising sea levels are a matter of great concern for the GPRD region, which is made vulnerable both by its physical geography (the southern part of the delta lies between - 0.3m to 0.4m relative to mean sea level (MSL)) and its urban development. More in-depth research and modeling remain to be done so that the authorities, business and civil society can better understand climate impacts on the region, but this article shows that climate change could have a big impact on the regional economy, which represents nearly 10% of China’s GNP. The paper concludes with a discussion of the measures that government and businesses will need to consider in order to adapt to these future conditions.

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Alexandra Tracy, Kate Trumbull and Christine Loh, “The Impact of Climate Change in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta”China Perspectives [Online], 2007/1 | 2007, Online since 08 April 2008, connection on 11 December 2023. URL:

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Kate Trumbull

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