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Creating a Harmonious Society

Eliminating Disharmony: Recent Examples of Censorship in Chinese Writing and Cinema

Sebastian Veg


This article examines contradictory recent trends in the Chinese censorship system regarding literature and cinema. While measures targeting the publishers of “eight banned books” in January 2007 demonstrated a preoccupation with the representation of history, fiction writing with political implications (Yan Lianke, Tsering Woeser) also remains sensitive. Independent cinema has recently been attempting to enter the official circuit, prompting the Film Bureau to accept a form of dialogue and negotiation with film directors. Nonetheless, the Bureau’s continued preoccupation with a non-conflictual representation of society betrays the government’s persisting tendency to assess films in terms of their political effects.

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Sebastian Veg, « Eliminating Disharmony: Recent Examples of Censorship in Chinese Writing and Cinema », China Perspectives [Online], 2007/3 | 2007, Online since 01 September 2010, connection on 27 February 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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