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China and its Past: Return, Reinvention, Forgetting

Jiaohua: The Confucian Revival in China as an Educative Project

Sébastien Billioud and Joël Thoraval


This article explores the rediscovery of “Confucianism” in mainland China in the field of education, understood in the broad sense of training dispensed to others and self-cultivation. It begins by examining the general context of the phenomenon and then analyzes how it is currently taking form and becoming institutionalized. On such a basis, it becomes possible to better understand one of its main features – its paradoxical anti-intellectualism.

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Sébastien Billioud and Joël Thoraval, Jiaohua: The Confucian Revival in China as an Educative Project”China Perspectives [Online], 2007/4 | 2007, Online since 30 December 2010, connection on 22 September 2023. URL:; DOI:

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