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Review essays

Tibet: Some Inconvenient Truths

Tibetan Experts Provide Answers to 100 Chinese Questions on Tibet
Françoise Robin
p. 98-103


Anne-Marie Blondeau, Katia Buffetrille (ed.), Authenticating Tibet: Answers to China’s 100 Questions, Berkeley, UC Press, 2008, 364 pp.

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Bibliographical reference

Françoise Robin, “Tibet: Some Inconvenient Truths”China Perspectives, 2008/1 | 2008, 98-103.

Electronic reference

Françoise Robin, “Tibet: Some Inconvenient Truths”China Perspectives [Online], 2008/1 | 2008, Online since 01 January 2011, connection on 02 March 2024. URL:; DOI:

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