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New Reforms to the Health System

Candice Tran Dai and Mathieu Duchâtel


Based on:
– Li Ling, “Successful reform of the health system hangs on two key elements,” Zhongguo jingyingbao (China Management News), 18 April 2009.
– Li Hongmei, Li Xiaohong, Wang Junping, “Ten experts comment on the new reform of the health system: Providing better and cheaper access to medical care,” Renmin ribao (People’s Daily), 15 April 2009.
– Yao Qi, “The new reform of the health system must first and foremost compensate for the shortcomings in the local hospitals,” Yangcheng wanbao (Yangcheng Evening News), 8 April 2009.
– Gu Xin, “The freeing-up of doctors: A major step forward in the administrative makeover of medical services,” Liaowang dongfang zhoukan (Oriental Outlook), 29 April 2009

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Electronic reference

Candice Tran Dai and Mathieu Duchâtel, « New Reforms to the Health System », China Perspectives [Online], 2009/3 | 2009, Online since 01 September 2012, connection on 10 April 2020. URL :

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