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Religious Reconfigurations in the People's Republic of China

Social experimentation and “popular Confucianism”

The case of the Lujiang Cultural Education Centre
Guillaume Dutournier and Zhe Ji


The multiplicity of initiatives in China today that claim to be inspired by “Confucianism” calls for particular attention to the diversity of their practical application. In this case study, we analyse the formation and workings of a new kind of educational institution: initiated three years ago in the town of Tangchi (Anhui) by a Taiwanese Buddhist, but nonetheless strongly influenced by Confucian traditionalism, this “Cultural Education Centre” is inventing, somewhere between political control and moral proselytism, a new form of governmentality that could gain widespread acceptance.

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Electronic reference

Guillaume Dutournier and Zhe Ji, « Social experimentation and “popular Confucianism” », China Perspectives [Online], 2009/4 | 2009, Online since 01 December 2012, connection on 24 June 2018. URL :

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Guillaume Dutournier

Zhe Ji

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