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Irrepressible Images: New Films in China from 1995

Jia Zhangke


Jia Zhangke, who had long accompanied his activities as a film-maker with theoretical reflections in the form of short articles, recently published a collection of his selected writings entitled Jia Xiang. Jia Zhangke dianying shouji 1996-2008. Pai dianying shi wo jiejin ziyou de fangshi, Beijing, Peking University Press, 2009 (Jia’s thoughts. Jia Zhangke’s film notes 1996-2008. Making films is my way of approaching freedom). Bringing together many important texts, this publication marks a retrospective moment in his work. Three essays have been selected for translation in this issue: “Irrepressible Images,” written in 2002, but which is also a reworking of two seminal essays published in 1998, “The Age of amateur cinema is about to return” and “Now that we have VCDs and digital video cameras.” The article sets out Jia Zhangke’s view of how independent film in China developed since the early 1990s. It is followed by one essay on Jia’s documentary In Public, dealing more specifically with space as an inspiration for film. Also in 2009, to accompany his latest film, 24 City, Jia published a collection of the interviews on which the film is based, entitled: Zhongguo gongren fangtan lu. Ershisi cheng ji(Interviews with Chinese workers. 24 City). A Collective memory of Chinese Working class, Jinan, Shandong huabao chubanshe. The preface to this collection is also included in this issue. (SV)

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Jia Zhangke, « Irrepressible Images: New Films in China from 1995 », China Perspectives [Online], 2010/1 | 2010, Online since 01 April 2013, connection on 23 April 2019. URL :

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