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Taiwan: The Consolidation of a Democratic and Distinct Society

The Taiwanese Economy After the Miracle

An Industry in Restructuration, Structural Weaknesses and the Challenge of China
Philippe Chevalérias


The Taiwanese economic miracle is over. At the end of the 1980s, changes in macroeconomic conditions forced Taiwanese industry to restructure. While it moved towards information technology, the island became increasingly tied to the mainland. By speeding up the integration of Taiwan with China by means of a China-Taiwan economic zone, President Ma Ying-jeou hopes to restart growth, but the economic and political consequences of the project are causing controversy.

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Electronic reference

Philippe Chevalérias, « The Taiwanese Economy After the Miracle », China Perspectives [Online], 2010/3 | 2010, Online since 01 September 2013, connection on 25 August 2019. URL :

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