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Xinjiang and Sino-Turkish Ties

Jérôme Doyon
Translated by N. Jayaram
p. 75-76


Based on :
– Zan Tao, “Sino-Turkish relations and Turkey’s point of view on China’s rise,” Alabo shijie yanjiu, no. 4, July 2010.
– Zhu Xiang, “Study of Sino-Turkish relations,”
Dongfang qiye wenhua, May 2010.
– Deng Hongying, “Analysis of transformations in Turkish diplomacy,”
Xiandai guoji guanxi, no. 10, November 2010.
– Xie Mengcen, “Analysis of particularities and tendencies of the current East-Turkistan movement,”
Xue lilun, no. 30, 2009.
– Wei Chaoran, “Analysis of Xinjiang’s political stability,”
Gaodengjiayu yu xueshu yanjiu, no. 7, 2010.

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Bibliographical reference

Jérôme Doyon, « Xinjiang and Sino-Turkish Ties », China Perspectives, 2011/1 | 2011, 75-76.

Electronic reference

Jérôme Doyon, « Xinjiang and Sino-Turkish Ties », China Perspectives [Online], 2011/1 | 2011, Online since 30 March 2014, connection on 24 May 2019. URL :

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