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As crisis looms, how can SMEs be saved?

Charlotte Wu
p. 64-66


Based on:
– Yang Zhongxu,1 Mo Li,2 “Truth about SMEs’ difficulties,” Caijing, no. 23, 26 September 2011.
– Wang Li,3 Yu Hairong,4 “SMEs’ long winter, multiple pressures could lead to aggravating the situation or towards large scale overhaul,” Xin Shiji, no. 463, 15 August 2011.
– Qiu Xiaomin,5 “Gu Shengzu: It is imperative to alleviate SMEs’ existential troubles,” Xinhua Wang, 1 September 2011.
– Wan Donghua,6 “Several measures to relieve SMEs of their difficulties,” Zhongguo Guoqing Guoli – China National Conditions and Strength, no. 224, 7 September 2011.
– Peng Chunlai,7 “Gu Shengzu, six remedies for SMEs’ financing difficulties,” Zhengjuan Ribao, 20 September 2011.

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1  Yang Zhongxu, journalist with Caijing.

2  Mo Li, journalist with Caijing.

3  Wang Li, journalist with Xin Shiji.

4  Yu Hairong, journalist with Xin Shiji.

5  Qiu Xiaomin, journalist.

6  Wan Donghua, chief editor of Zhongguo Guoqing Guoli magazine and vice-director of the Department of Rural Socio-Economic Survey, National Bureau of Statistics of China.

7  Peng Chunlai, journalist with Zhengjuan Ribao.

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Bibliographical reference

Charlotte Wu, « As crisis looms, how can SMEs be saved? », China Perspectives, 2011/4 | 2011, 64-66.

Electronic reference

Charlotte Wu, « As crisis looms, how can SMEs be saved? », China Perspectives [Online], 2011/4 | 2011, Online since 30 December 2011, connection on 22 August 2019. URL :

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