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Special Feature: Mao Today: A Political Icon for an Age of Prosperity

Worship, Reflection, Empirical Research

My Mao Zedong Trilogy
Ding Dong
Translated by Stacy Mosher
p. 55-59


In my youth, I was a worshipper of Mao Zedong. From the latter stage of the Mao Era to the early years of Reform and Opening, I began to reflect on Mao and the Communist Revolution he launched. In recent years I’ve devoted myself to empirical historical research on Mao, seeking the truth about Mao and China’s modern history.

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Bibliographical reference

Ding Dong, « Worship, Reflection, Empirical Research », China Perspectives, 2012/2 | 2012, 55-59.

Electronic reference

Ding Dong, « Worship, Reflection, Empirical Research », China Perspectives [Online], 2012/2 | 2012, Online since 30 June 2015, connection on 27 September 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Ding Dong

A scholar, he was born in 1951 and now lives in Beijing. He is the author of Long Musings on a Winter's Night (Dong ye chang kao), Conversations with Friends (He youren duihua), Priceless Honour (Zunyan wujia), Browsing at Midnight (Wuye fanshu), Mental Exercise (Sixiang caolian), Spiritual Wanderings (Jingshen liulang), A Record of Education Speeches (Jiaoyu fangyan lu), and Cultural Decameron (Wenhua shiritan), and is currently focusing his research on the history and culture of modern China.

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