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Current Affairs
China Analysis

Reforming China’s Criminal Procedure Law

Hugo Winckler
Translated by Elizabet Laederich
p. 80-82


- Wang Jianxun, “The provisions of the reform of criminal procedural law legalising secret investigations are a step backwards,” Caijing wang, 5 September 2011.1
- Chen Youxi, “The legalisation of secret investigations is an important violation of political integrity,” Zhongguo wangluo dianshitai CNTV web site, Opinion section, 27 November 2011.2
- Wu Zhehua, “Chen Weidong discusses reform of the criminal procedure law: Behind each article there is a story,” Zhongguoguangbo wang, 8 March 2012.3
- Chen Guangzhong, “The provisions of the great reform of [China’s] criminal procedure law represent progress,” Jinghua Shibao Beijing Times, 9 March 2012.4
- Xie Doudou, Wang Heyan, “The vicissitudes of the clause on secret detention,” Caixin wang, 12 March 2012.5
- “A focus on the great reform of criminal procedure law: Important perspectives on the ‘little constitution’,” Banyuetan wang, 13 March 2012.6
- Li Xiangning and Xu Kai, “Criminal procedure law amendment passes amid controversy,” Caijing, 25 March 2012.7
- Yao Dongxing, “Behind the scenes of the ‘great reform’: Four protagonists’ narratives about ten years of power games,” Zhongguo jingji zhoukanChina Economic Weekly, 27 March 2012.8

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1  Wang Jianxun is associate professor of law at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in Beijing.

2  Chen Youxi is a well-known lawyer famous for his defence of Li Zhuang, a lawyer from the city of Chongqing who faced criminal charges while defending a local mafia boss. For more details about this affair, see Jean-Pierre Cabestan, “The implication of the Chongqing Model for the reform of China’s legal system,” China Analysis, November 2011.

3  Chen Weidong is professor of law at Renmin University of China (RUC).

4  Chen Guangzhong is a law professor who is considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern criminal procedure law in China.

5  Xie Doudou and Wang Heyan are both journalists for Caixin.

6  This article contains a series of opinions from people who participated in the reform.

7  Li Xiangning and Xu Kai are both journalists for Caijing

8  Yao Dongxing is a journalist at Zhongguo jingji zhoukan.

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Bibliographical reference

Hugo Winckler, « Reforming China’s Criminal Procedure Law », China Perspectives, 2012/3 | 2012, 80-82.

Electronic reference

Hugo Winckler, « Reforming China’s Criminal Procedure Law », China Perspectives [Online], 2012/3 | 2012, Online since 01 October 2012, connection on 05 August 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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