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Special Feature

Finance Capital Launches an Assault on Chinese Real Estate

Natacha Aveline-Dubach
Translated by Elizabeth Guill
p. 29-39


Over the past two decades, global market finance has taken root in China to seek property investment. This article examines the spatialities and anchorage methods of finance capital within Chinese national territory. It highlights the spatial and sectoral differences in the composition of property portfolios as a function of the return/risk coupling. These differences are exacerbated by a split in the geographical origin of the funds, which determines differentiated conditions of access to land and management of the investment time horizon of the assets portfolios. The penetration of finance capital into urban space tends to increase the fragmentation and functional specialisation of districts, a phenomenon fostered by entrepreneurial urban policies. As a result, urban projects are becoming standardised in terms of both design and program. They are increasingly governed by external references that favour the expansion of multinationals and transform lifestyles and consumer habits.

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Bibliographical reference

Natacha Aveline-Dubach, « Finance Capital Launches an Assault on Chinese Real Estate », China Perspectives, 2013/2 | 2013, 29-39.

Electronic reference

Natacha Aveline-Dubach, « Finance Capital Launches an Assault on Chinese Real Estate », China Perspectives [Online], 2013/2 | 2013, Online since 01 June 2016, connection on 15 May 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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About the author

Natacha Aveline-Dubach

Natacha Aveline-Dubach is CNRS Research Director, Laboratoire Géographie-Cités, University of Paris 1/Paris 7.University of Paris 1/Paris 7, 13 rue du Four, 75006 Paris (

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