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Edward Vickers
p. 3-5


A resurgent China nowadays looms ever larger in the public consciousness of its East Asian neighbours, with implications not just for their external relationships, but also for their domestic political dynamics. However, Japan still supplies, as it has for over a century, the benchmark of successful “catch-up” modernisation for states, including China, that see themselves as still “catching up.” For authoritarian governments keen to minimise “spiritual pollution,” Japan has also long provided a model for the selective preservation of native “essence” alongside imported modern “technology,” even while attracting condemnation for the nationalistic excesses associated with this enterprise: colonialism, invasion, and associated brutality. And at the popular level, the impact of Japanese culture – high-brow, low-brow, literary, or visual – on the societies of the region has been manifold and profound.

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Bibliographical reference

Edward Vickers, « Editorial », China Perspectives, 2013/4 | 2013, 3-5.

Electronic reference

Edward Vickers, « Editorial », China Perspectives [Online], 2013/4 | 2013, Online since 01 December 2013, connection on 22 June 2018. URL :

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