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Special Feature

Dreamers and Nightmares

Political novels by Wang Lixiong and Chan Koonchung
Chaohua Wang
p. 23-31


Wang Lixiong’s Yellow Peril (1991) represents the return of political fiction of the future not seen in China for decades. Chan Koonchung’s The Fat Years (2009) brings the imagination to a full dystopian vision. Reading the two novels side by side, this paper argues that Chinese fiction of the future in the early 1990s responded to the country’s struggle for direction when the bloody crackdown of the Tiananmen protest wiped out collective idealism in society. In the twenty-first century, such fiction is written in response to China’s rapid rise as one of the world’s superpowers, bringing to domestic society a seemingly stabilised order that has deprived it of intellectual vision.

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Bibliographical reference

Chaohua Wang, « Dreamers and Nightmares », China Perspectives, 2015/1 | 2015, 23-31.

Electronic reference

Chaohua Wang, « Dreamers and Nightmares », China Perspectives [Online], 2015/1 | 2015, Online since 01 January 2017, connection on 19 June 2018. URL :

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Chaohua Wang

Chaohua Wang is an independent scholar, based in Los Angeles, California (

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