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Special Feature

The Pivot in Chinese Cybergovernance

Integrating Internet Control in Xi Jinping’s China
Rogier Creemers
p. 5-13


During the first two years of the Xi administration, a series of successive measures were taken to restructure the way that the Chinese Internet is governed. New institutions were created to centralise governance over a sphere that had hitherto been fragmented, while the pursuit of ideological and technological security led to greater efforts to control the circulation of online information and prevent harm, particularly originating from foreign threats. This paper analyses this process, and discusses implications for the future of the Chinese and global Internet.

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Rogier Creemers, « The Pivot in Chinese Cybergovernance », China Perspectives, 2015/4 | 2015, 5-13.

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Rogier Creemers, « The Pivot in Chinese Cybergovernance », China Perspectives [En línea], 2015/4 | 2015, Publicado el 01 enero 2017, consultado el 20 septiembre 2020. URL : ; DOI :

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Rogier Creemers

Rogier Creemers is a departmental lecturer in the politics and history of China at the Department of Politics and International Relations, and the China Centre, at Oxford University,Oxford OX2 6LU, UK (

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