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Taishang Studies

A Rising or Declining Research Field?
Gunter Schubert, Lin Rui-hua and Jean Yu-Chen Tseng
p. 29-36


The study of Taiwanese entrepreneurs who live and invest on the Chinese mainland (Taishang) has only recently started to attract attention. Taishang have been referred to as a “linkage community” that connects Taiwan and the Chinese mainland through its economic undertakings, political influence, and social experiences as a migrant community. Against this background, this article clarifies the extent to which Taishang have contributed to and shaped the ongoing process of cross-strait interaction and the development of cross-strait policies. It revisits the field of Taishang studies, takes stock of the knowledge that this field has generated so far, and explores future directions for meaningful research.

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Bibliographical reference

Gunter Schubert, Lin Rui-hua and Jean Yu-Chen Tseng, « Taishang Studies », China Perspectives, 2016/1 | 2016, 29-36.

Electronic reference

Gunter Schubert, Lin Rui-hua and Jean Yu-Chen Tseng, « Taishang Studies », China Perspectives [Online], 2016/1 | 2016, Online since 01 March 2017, connection on 19 September 2018. URL :

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About the authors

Gunter Schubert

Gunter Schubert is chair professor of Greater China studies and director of the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT) at the University of Tübingen, Germany.Department of Chinese and Korean Studies, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, Tübingen University, Kepplerstr. 2, 72074 Tübingen, Germany (

By this author

Lin Rui-hua

Lin Rui-hua is an assistant professor at the School of Public Economics and Finance, Shanghai University of Economics and Finance.No. 777, Guoding Road, Shanghai, 200433, China (

Jean Yu-Chen Tseng

Jean Yu-Chen Tseng is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Public Policy and Management at I-Shou University, Kaoshiung, Taiwan. No.1, Sec. 1, Syuecheng Rd., Dashu Township, Kaohsiung County 84001, Taiwan R.O.C. (

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