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Carine Milcent
Translated by Michael Black
p. 3-5


Access to healthcare is at the intersection of many challenges faced by China today. Aware of the stakes, the government has been engaged since the noughts in a series of reforms in which two philosophies coexist: a highly regulated market, and competition in healthcare through the development of the private market. The year 2009(1) marked a turning point. Given the need to establish basic access for all, the State Council announced the introduction of universal and comprehensive health coverage by 2020. This objective was pursued during the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2016) before the 13th Five Year plan (2016-2020) gave new directions. …

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Bibliographical reference

Carine Milcent, « Editorial », China Perspectives, 2016/4 | 2016, 3-5.

Electronic reference

Carine Milcent, « Editorial », China Perspectives [Online], 2016/4 | 2016, Online since 01 December 2016, connection on 26 February 2020. URL :

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Carine Milcent

Carine Milcent, CNRS-Researcher at Paris-Jourdan Sciences Économiques (PSE), has been on assignment at CEFC since 1 September 2014 (

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