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Intermediary Political Bodies of the Party-state: A Sociology of Mass and Grassroots Organisations in Contemporary China
Judith Audin and Jérôme Doyon
p. 3-8

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1Mass and grassroots organisations are not part of the official political structure of the Chinese Party-state, yet they have been operating as key actors serving the interests of the Party-state while interacting with ordinary citizens in various ways since the early years of the PRC. By studying these organisation’s intermediary status and role in the XXIst century, this special issue of China Perspectives reveals their importance in the political system – as mediators, social service providers, administrative staff – and analyses recent reforms of these organisations under the Xi government.

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Bibliographical reference

Judith Audin and Jérôme Doyon, « Editorial », China Perspectives, 2019-2 | 2019, 3-8.

Electronic reference

Judith Audin and Jérôme Doyon, « Editorial », China Perspectives [Online], 2019-2 | 2019, Online since 10 June 2019, connection on 10 July 2020. URL :

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About the authors

Judith Audin

Judith Audin is a researcher at CEFC in Hong Kong and the chief editor of China Perspectives. Her research focuses on the ethnography of neighbourhood life and micro-political processes in Beijing, Datong and Chongqing, as well as the anthropology of urban ruins through urban

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Jérôme Doyon

Jérôme Doyon is Departmental Lecture rat the School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford. His research focuses on Chinese domestic politics: the Party-state apparatus, elite politics, political youth organisations, and the management of ethno-religious

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