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René Lévy
p. 7-8

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1Dear Reader,
When we agreed to publish Mario Sbriccoli’s article «Droit et procès pénal dans les allégories de la justice du Moyen Âge à l’âge moderne» in the first number of the journal this year, we never expected that, by a singular and tragic turn of events, it would appear at the moment of his death. He was only 64.

2Luigi Lacché, who was his student and who now succeeds him at the University of Macerata, reflects on the work of Mario in the obituary that he has written for CHS and which appears below. But I wish also to stress, for myself and on behalf of the entire editorial committee, the deep sense of loss that is felt on the death of such a good friend and such an excellent colleague. Since the beginning of the 1980s Mario has always been one of us. He contributed enormously to the launch of this journal and to many of our other enterprizes. We will miss greatly his intelligence, his discernment, his learning and his genuine kindness.

32005 has been a truly black year for the history of crime and justice. Shortly before the death of Mario Sbriccoli we lost two other eminent historians who worked in the field: Mario Da Passano in April and Eric Monkkonen in May.

4At the instigation of Mario Sbriccoli, Mario Da Passano had recently joined the advisory board of this journal. Colleagues organised a remembrance day for Mario Da Passano in June at Sassari. Mario Sbriccoli was too ill to attend, but he prepared a text that was read on the occasion and we have drawn from it the obituary that appears below. It is a touching and moving tribute to a friend with whom he would shortly be reunited in death.

5Eric Monkkonen was not a member of our advisory board, but he gave us generous support and, in 2001, he published «New standards for historical homicide research» in the special edition that focused on «Longterm trends in violence» (CHS, 2001/2). For many years he was an enthusiastic participant in the activities of the IAHCCJ, and for all of us he was a good friend that it was always a pleasure meet again at a conference. Randolph Roth, who has recently joined the advisory board of CHS, remembers Eric in the pages that follow.


6Since its foundation, CHS has sought to encourage articles from young researchers – most notably with the Herman Diederiks Prize. Such continues to be the case with the articles in this number. We have lost three significant historians, but we trust that the present number of our journal will testify to the appearance of a new generation.

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René Lévy, « Editorial »Crime, Histoire & Sociétés / Crime, History & Societies, Vol. 9, n°2 | 2005, 7-8.

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René Lévy

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