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«A triumph of American Police Methods»: Representations of Police Work in Two Sensational Kidnap-Murder Cases of the 1920s. Petula IU, in 2005, vol. 9, n° 2, pp. 9-42

Due to an editorial mistake, the author’s corrections to this article have not been properly taken into account. The author has requested that we publish her dedication to Eric Monkkonen:

I would like to dedicate this article to the memory of Eric Monkkonen. He generously offered me much valuable guidance and unwavering support throughout my graduate career. My thanks also to Ruth Bloch and David Wolcott for their insightful comments on an early version of the dissertation chapter on which this article is based, Cary Federman for his suggestions on a version of the chapter presented at the annual meeting of the Social Science History Association, Baltimore (2003), the audience members at the panel for their questions, Steve Baule for his help on an early version of this article, and the editors and anonymous reviewers of CHS for their insights and suggestions.

Further corrections will be inserted in the electronic version of CHS.

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