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Fritz Sack Prize for Criminology

GIWK. Gesellschaft für Interdisziplinäre wissenschaftliche Kriminologie (Association for Interdisciplinary Scientific Criminology)
p. 143

The Association for Interdisciplinary Scientific Criminology invites nominations for the Fritz Sack Prize for Criminology. The Association will confer the award upon scholars who, through their research, have made an outstanding contribution to the development of interdisciplinary scientific criminology.

Prize money

The prize money will amount to DM 3,000. It will be awarded to an individual author or a team of authors. The Executive Committee of the Association reserves to themselves the right of adjusting the sum for financial reasons and of suspending the offer of the prize.

Selection procedure

The prize will be awarded to an individual author or a team of authors in consideration of one or more publications in the field of criminology. The pieces - articles or monographs - should have been in press for a period of no more than two years preceding the deadline for the nominations.

The decision upon the award will be taken by an independent Selection Committee elected by the members of the Association. The Selection Committee will choose the winner or the group of winners from the nominees by a simple majority of votes. The decision is definitive and cannot be challenged. The award may not be given to members of either the Selection or the Executive Committees of the Association.


Nominations must be submitted by 30 November 1999. They must include a recommendation for the nominee not to exceed two typed pages. Please address your suggestions to the Selection Committee (c/o Geschaftsstelle der GIWK, Aufbau- und KontaktstudiumKriminologie, Troplowitzstr. 7, D-22529 Hamburg, Germany).

Members of the selection committee

The Selection Committee consists of four elected members (currently: Dr. Susanne Karstedt, University of Bielefeld; Prof. Dr. Rudiger Lautmann, University of Bremen; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Naucke, University of Francfort; Priv. Doz. Dr. Gerlinda Smaus, University of Saarbrucken) and the president of the Association's Executive Committee (currently: Priv. Doz. Dr. Gabi Loschper, University of Hamburg).

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