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1. Referencing in footnotes

1Genji monogatari and most Japanese classical works are available in several literary collections and in this issue each contributor uses a different one. In order to simplify referencing in footnotes the following collections are given in an abbreviated form (abbreviation, volume, page) after the first appearance.

  • Nihon koten bungaku taikei 日本古典文学大系, Tōkyō, Iwanami shoten, 1957-1967, 100 vols => NKBT

  • Nihon koten bungaku zenshū 日本古典文学全集, Tōkyō, Shōgakukan, 1970-1976, 51 vols => NKBZ

  • Shin nihon koten bungaku taikei 新日本古典文学大系, Tōkyō, Iwanami Shoten, 1989-2005, 100 vols =>SNKBT

  • Shinpen Nihon koten bungaku zenshū 新編日本古典文学全集, Tōkyō, Shōgakukan, 1994-2002, 88 vols => SNKBZ

  • Shinchō Nihon koten shūsei 新潮日本古典集成, Tōkyō, Shinchōsha, 1976-1989, 82 vols => SNKS

2. Japanese and Chinese transcription

2Each author uses Hepburn, except for the poems, for which they use a combination of either Hepburn and modern Romanization or Kunrei-shiki and Historical Romanization.
Chinese is transcribed according to the pinyin method.

3. English translation

3All essays of the current issue have been translated into English by Aileen Gatten. The English translation used in prose quotations from Genji monogatari is Edward G. Seidensticker’s The Tale of Genji (New York : Knopf, 1976). Genji poetry translations are taken from Edwin A. Cranston, trans., A Waka Anthology, Volume Two: Grasses of Remembrance (Stanford CA: Stanford University Press, 2006).

4I am profoundly grateful to Sumie Terada, director of the Genji monogatari group at the CEJ, for her careful coordination of all the essays published in the current issue.

5I should also like to express my deep gratitude to Aileen Gatten, who has contributed to this issue through her elegant translation and numerous thoughtful remarks and suggestions.

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