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39 | 2014
Gendered laws of war

Edited by Fabrice Virgili

1914-2014 : in this centenary year, Clio, Femmes, Genre, Histoire focuses on other conflicts. Since the late 20th century, the study of conflict has been revitalized by new approaches : on one hand, anthropological analysis of the phenomenon of war, with special attention to private life, on the other a new focus on what happens as a war comes to an end. Moreover the war in former Yugoslavia, and the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda have led to the setting up of international tribunals (the ICTY in 1993 and the ICTR a year later.)  Questions such as the condemnation of sexual violence in wartime and the protection of civilian populations have taken on an increasingly high profile at international level, giving rise to new research. Since the end of World War II, violence against women and a growing awareness that both sexes are implicated in military matters have become a fluctuating indicator of «the laws of war».

Editor’s notes

Editor for the English online edition: Siân Reynolds

Clio’s book reviews [“Clio a lu”] are not translated into English. They are available in French on the website of Clio. Femmes, Genre, Histoire :

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