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Cahiers de littérature orale

The journal Cahiers de littérature orale (CLO) was founded by Genevieve Calame‑Griaule and a group of researchers in 1976. It is the only French publication devoted to verbal arts in oral cultures around the world. Research topics studied are oral literary genres, diverse social situations of orality, and codified speech; examples also include fictional productions in literate cultures where orality and writing coexist, in their most contemporary forms (e.g., Internet, chats, etc.). The journal only publishes original contributions in French or English and book reviews. It is addressed primarily to researchers, but also to practitioners of orality (librarians, people in charge of media centers, storytellers, etc.), and a scholarly readership.

The periodicity of the review is 2 issues per year and a special issue was released in 2020.

Published in paper and digital, Cahiers de littérature orale have been on OpenEdition Journals since 2013.

Legal Notice

ISSN print: 0396‑891 X

ISSN digital: 2266‑1816

Editors in chief

Nicole Belmont, Cécile Leguy, Sandra Bornand

Publishing & distribution

Presses de l’Inalco published the Cahiers de littérature orale in both paper and digital format.

Cahiers de littérature orale are also distributed by AFPUD (French Association of University Presses Diffusion) associated with SODIS (subsidiary distribution of the Gallimard group).

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