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Author guidelines

Cahiers de litterature orale only publishes previously unpublished articles. Research papers and book reviews that are submitted for publication are subject to the review of the Editorial Board, the latter reserves the right to reject it. Articles must meet the following requirements:

Article length: submissions should not exceed 50 000 signs (including spaces, footnotes, bibliography and abstracts). The text is to be typed double-spaced, according to the Microsoft Word format (PC or MacIntosh).

Titles and subtitles: the title of the article is centered, in small caps and bold; subtitles indicating the major divisions of the article are centered and in bold caps. Within these large sections, subtitles are in italics and aligned on the left margin.

Paragraph: the first line of each new paragraph is indented.

Author: author’s name appears at the beginning of the article before the title; academic affiliation is placed at the end of the text before the bibliography. The author may add a short biographical sketch. Where appropriate, the name of the translator appears at the end of article.

Diacritics: authors should list on a separate page the special phonetic characters they use. If they are not represented in the Microsoft Word fonts, the author will have to accept a simplified transcript.

Quotes: they are not in italics. Short quotations appear in the text with quotation marks. Long quotes (more than 2 lines) are indented as a paragraph.

References: they appear in parentheses in the text or as a result of quotations in the form—author, date, page(s). Example: All highlighting the shortage of texts L. Dumont (1964, 33) reports...

Footnotes: they appear in the text by consecutive numbers. The notes are placed at the bottom of a page; they are only for comments and should be brief.

Bibliography: it appears at the end of the article, in the following format:

Lévi-Strauss, Claude, 1964, Totemism, Paris, PUF (possibly place and date of the first edition).
Strauss, Leo, 1981, On the interpretation of Genesis, Man, May-June, XXI, pp. 10-22.

Abstracts: each article must be followed by two abstracts, one in French and one in English, each not exceeding ten lines, as well as a set of five or six keywords in both French and English for indexing.

Illustrations, tables and figures: when the content of the article warrants, they are possible.

Copies: the author receives two copies of the journal.

Evaluation and selection procedures of submitted articles:
In the case of an article sent in response to a call for papers: each item received by the editor is first examined by the person coordinating the issue, and then read by two anonymous external readers (double-blind review).
In the case of a spontaneous submission: any text received by the editor is read by at least one member of the editorial board. The author is informed of the positive or negative review and of publishing opportunities in an upcoming issue, depending on the theme of the article. Upon acceptance of the paper, it is submitted to the procedure outlined previously (
double-blind review by two external referees).

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