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The boards

Chief Editor

Anne Regourd, Academic Researcher, History & Anthropology, CNRS, UMR 7192

Editorial Committee

Cataloguing, codicology, digitisation, preservation, conservation, restoration: Anne Regourd, History & Anthropology, Academic Researcher, CNRS, UMR 7192

Art History: Noha Sadek, History and Art History, Independent Researcher

Text edition: Éric Vallet, History, Lecturer, University of La Sorbonne-Paris I

Translation into Arabic

Translators from the Arabian Peninsula are preferred.

Technical staff

Layout and on-lining: Sylvaine Giraud and Bassem al-Omari.

Historic of the Journal

Created by Anne Regourd in 2006. From 2006 to 2012: Anne Regourd and Éric Vallet co-editors.

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