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Aflico Jet Series online 2020

Guillaume Desagulier, Lucía Gómez Vicente et Caroline Rossi

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1The Lecture Series is a new initiative by the French Cognitive Linguistics Association (AFLiCo). The Association has held successful biennial workshops (AFLiCo JET) for 10 years now, and the 6th edition was due to take place in Grenoble in the fall of 2020. AFLiCo JET workshops have provided a forum for high-quality research in cognitive linguistics and, more generally, usage-based approaches to language (see e.g. CogniTextes special issue 19).

2With the COVID-19 crisis preventing us from planning the usual gathering, we thought of something new. The inaugural Lecture Series featured five invited speakers and took place online:

3- December 14th, 2020: Kari Sullivan (University of Queensland) - “Abstract artworks ‘speak’ to fewer people and have less to ‘say’ than figurative works”.

4- December 15th, 2020: Stefan Th. Gries (UC Santa Barbara & JLU Giessen) - “Increasing (quantitative) precision: blend production, contexts of alternations, and corpus-linguistic association”.

5- December 16th, 2020: Reyes Llopis-García (Columbia University) - “No Functions... Constructions! CxG and Cognitive Linguistics: Powerful Allies for User friendly L2 Pedagogy”.

6- December 17th, 2020: Florent Perek (University of Birmingham) - “Construction Grammar in action: The English Constructicon project”.

7- December 18th, 2020: Lauren Fonteyn (Leiden university Centre for Linguistics) - “Prepositional Polysemy through the lens of contextualized word embeddings”.

8Each contribution includes a video of the talk, an abstract, and references.

9Electronic edition: Adeline Terry (University Lyon 3 and CEL)

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Guillaume Desagulier, Lucía Gómez Vicente et Caroline Rossi, « Aflico Jet Series online 2020 »CogniTextes [En ligne], Volume 21 | 2021, mis en ligne le 15 mars 2021, consulté le 20 juillet 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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Guillaume Desagulier

Université Paris 8 et MoDyCo

Lucía Gómez Vicente

Université Grenobles Alpes et LIDILEM

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Caroline Rossi

Université Grenoble Alpes et GREMUTS

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